About Ledingham Chalmers

Investing in Real Estate has been proven time and time again as a great investment. Two different scenarios may come into mind. The first is when you flip property. This is when you buy a home that needs repairs, do the work, then put the house back on the market for sale. Flipping a home can give you a great return, but there are many risks involved. This is especially true with new investors who can get in over their heads easily. The other kind of real estate investment is when you purchase a property to hold onto it and use it as a rental property.

Rental properties are typically managed by the property owners. The property owners spend time interviewing potential tenants until they find someone they feel will work out well. More rental property owners are starting to purchase turnkey rental properties now to help minimize the amount of time they have to spend managing the rental property.

With a turnkey rental, the property you purchase is ready to rent immediately. In this situation, you have the ability to simply invest in the property and allow the management company to continue handling it. You generally will not make as much money with this kind of property, but it also requires less work on your part.

Regardless of the type of property you are interested in purchasing, we are here to help walk you through what is needed for property ownership.