Homeowner’s Insurance

Having a homeowners insurance policy is important for any homeowner, whether you live in the home are rented out. Regardless of how long you’ve lived in your home, insurance is a necessity. Perhaps you have lived there for years and disaster has never struck. That doesn’t mean there won’t be a disaster in the next few years, or even weeks. To help you find the right policy for you, continue to read below.

If you have a security system in your home, be sure to let your insurer know. Having a centrally monitored system can reduce your premiums around 5%. In order to get this discount, though, the security system must be tied directly to your local police station or watched over by a central station. You will have to provide proof to your insurance agency showing that your security system is being monitored regularly.

If you are considering doing major renovations or building on an addition to your home, you will need to check your homeowners policy to see how it will affect your insurance rates. For instance, if you’re building a structure that is wood frames, your insurance rates will likely rise since they are considered a fire risk. If you decide to use fireproof material such as steel or cement, your insurance will cost less.

If you are interested in buying a trampoline or installing a pool, you can expect to see in increase in your premiums. Many insurance companies will increase your premiums up to 10% to ensure a home with a trampoline, pool, or other equipment that is hazardous.


Before installing a pool or buying a trampoline, be sure to check with your insurance company to see what effect this will have on your premiums. Some companies will charge as much as 10% more to insure a house with a pool, trampoline or other potentially hazardous equipment on the property. This way, if anything happens that involves the hazardous equipment, you will have the money available to hire a lawyer in Biloxi, MS.

Now that you better understand the reasons you need homeowners insurance, you can begin taking the steps needed to get the personal policy you need. Shop around online to find what works best for your situation and homeowner needs.